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We have seen many Timber Clad buildings over the years which have been poorly finished and resulted in giving wood or Cladding a bad name when it could have been easily avoided through the use of an appropriate coating. At MTS stock everything that you will need to preserve the natural beauty, structural integrity and longevity of your external timber. Our extensive range of professional woodcare products includes some of the industry’s finest brands, including Sioo and Osmo.

So whether you’re looking for wood cleaning or finishing products for your decking, cladding, garden buildings or fencing, MTS has the solution. Talk to us for advice or make an appointment to discuss further in our Showroom.

We can also offer a factory finishing service your wood component through our in-house vacuum coating machine. Minimum run quantities can apply, talk to us for further information.

Check our online shop for details on the range of Osmo & SIOO Wood Care products we stock
MTS Sioo Safety Data Sheet Step 1

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MTS Sioo Safety Data Sheet Step 2

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Sioo Wood Protection – a new wood modification for the Ireland.

All too often the appearance of new timber clad buildings is ruined by uneven weathering. It is quite common to see buildings where the shaded areas are still unweathered whereas the exposed areas have already changed to the silvery-grey colour associated with exposed wood. For this reason, pictures of timber clad buildings are always taken immediately after construction and not after a year or two! Aesthetics is hugely important in the built environment and this patchy weathering puts people off from specifying timber as a cladding material.

A new product distributed by MTS in Ireland is the Swedish wood surface modification system, Sioo Wood Protection. This product reacts with the wood to produce a pleasing even grey surface within a few months of application. Very importantly, this accelerated weathering takes place through a chemical reaction of the Sioo system with the top few millimetres of the wood surface and so it is a permanent change. Because the greying takes place due to the chemical reaction, a completely even appearance is obtained, since it is not reliant upon exposure to sunlight for the reaction to take place. The Sioo Wood Protection System uses silicate technology in a two part waterbased system.

The first stage of the treatment uses a mineral silica solution that is able to penetrate the surface of the wood very efficiently. After the first treatment stage, a silane-based emulsion is applied, which cures by cross-linking to form a flexible silica network and provides a water-proof barrier preventing leaching of the mineral silicate. Over time, the mineral silicate cures by reacting with atmospheric carbon dioxide to precipitate an insoluble silica network within the wood structure. The product has been used extensively for cladding and decking protection and has also been used to protect the decks of sailing boats.

The Sioo system is used as a surface protection system, which is suitable for Use Classes 1, 2, 3.1 and 3.2 according to EN 335 Part 2 (see table below). If additional protection is thought necessary for Use Class 3.2 applications, then the Sioo Wood Protection System can be applied to preservative treated wood and to thermally treated wood. When used in interior applications Sioo Wood has the huge advantage of being VOC-free, since it is water-based and uses silicate technology. Disposal at end of life is not a problem, since the product is non-toxic.

Suitable for use on Western Red Cedar, Iroko, Bangkirai and particularly well suited when applied to Siberian Larch, DuraWood & Douglas Fir.

Use Class General Exposure Condition
1 Interior, covered
2 Interior, or covered
3.1 Exterior above ground, protected
3.2 Exterior above ground, unprotected
4.1 Exterior in ground contact and/or fresh water
4.2 Exterior in ground (severe) and/or fresh water
5 In salt water


MTS Sioo Brochure

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MTS Sioo Leaflet

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MTS Sioo Advantages

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MTS Sioo Product Specification

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Osmo is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of natural vegetable oil based wood finish coatings, They produce a large range of interior and exterior products to suit all individual needs.

Osmo wood finishers based on natural vegetable oils and waxes, are environmentally friendly, easy to use and achieve a professional finish for all your interior and exterior wood finishing. projects.


· Oil-based wood finishes work without primer

· A thin application of the material is sufficient and prolongs the productivity of one can

· Outstanding coverage due to a high content of solids

· No traces of brushstrokes thanks to a long working time

· Also on larger areas processing is seamlessly possible

· No need to thin wood finishes


· Oils fill pores of wood and protect it from damaging waterlogging although they do not form a waterproof film. The wood remains mircoporous and continues to absorb and release water without damage.

· Mircoporous wood can breathe, provides better air quality and is anti-static (attracts less dust) – ideal for allergy sufferers.


· All Osmo wood finishes are based on oils and waxes: sunflower oil, carnauba wax and candelila wax, linseed, soya and thistle oils.

· Oils help to retain the value of the natural raw material wood.

· For a natural, environmentally friendly and safe coating.

· Pigments are allowed to be used in the food industry.

· Based on clean, renewable, plant raw materials.

· The binding agents in Osmo Wood Finishes are based on natural plant oils which penetrate the wood deeply and protect it from deep within.

Check our online shop for details on the range of Osmo Wood Care products we stock.