Osmo Bangkirai Oil

70.00 + Vat

Osmo Bangkirai Oil helps protect, maintain and enhance the appearance of Bangkirai (Yellow Balau) hardwood products, in particular garden furniture, decking, fencing and gates. Providing a satin-matt, smooth finish, Osmo Bangkirai Wood Oil is highly water resistant, dirt repellent and offers easy maintenance. Osmo Bangkirai Oil provides a high coverage rate. As a micro-porous finish, Osmo Bangkirai Oil allows the wood to breathe, regulating the moisture content and minimising the risk of splitting, cracking, peeling or flaking. With easy application, no sanding is required during maintenance, simply apply a further coat! The resulting surface from Osmo Bangkirai Oil is tested to be resistant against liquids such as wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, fruit juice, milk and water etc, in accordance with German regulation standards.

2.5ltr can

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