It’s simple: Any Timber, Any Profile – Take your pick

Offering technical advice to supply you a timber solution suitable for your requirements

Here at MTS we specialise in the manufacturing of Hardwood and Softwood Mouldings, Cladding and Weatherboarding, iDeck Decking and other Hardwood and Softwood Components for a variety of markets.

All of our products are available in numerous specialised Timber Species from around the globe. We can also source other Timber Species upon request.

Please click on any of the selected Timber Species listed on this page for more detail on the characteristics and qualities of each species and to find out which is most suited to your individual needs.

Our expert staff can offer full technical advice for all your requirements, from design to choice of Timber Species. For further information contact us at info@woodcomponents.ie.


Oak, European

Larch, European

Ash, American

Oak, American (Red, White)

Oak, European

Pippy Elm

Elm, European

Walnut, American (Black)

Cherry, American

Beech, European

Maple, American

Birch, American

Poplar / Tulipwood, American

Pitch Pine

Pine, Southern Yellow

Alder, American Red

Cedar, Western Red



Mahogany, Brazilian

Redwood, European